SCSU 2017 Day 5: It’s Game Time – Business Plans

Butterflies fluttered stomachs this morning as students woke up for the ‘day of truth,’ their business plans! After breakfast, students began the day listening to Anton Vincent, from Moxie Capital, talk about globalization and our role in a changing world. He got students to think about how the US is just one small segment of the world population, and that in a constantly disrupting economy, they have to stay abreast of changing trends. Anton finished by telling the students that their competition isn’t necessarily the person next to them, it’s the people in the rest of the world.

Students then went with their companies and heard from financial speakers about how to pay for their lifestyle. Students identified what kind of life they’d like to lead, and what financial and life choices they’d have to make to get there.

Students grabbed their final lunch in Garvey Commons, some picking at food, others wolfing it down, then changed into business clothes and got ready for their presentations. Our volunteer Business Plan Judges were raring to go when the students finally presented what they’d been working on all week. The effort they put forth in the plans with ideas to start non-profits, wind-charged energy wheels, selling apparel for artists, and everything in between was apparent during their presentations. The students celebrated with combined relief exhilaration as this year all the companies got their loans, though our Business Plan judges added stipulations to ensure their money was spent well.

The students then heard from motivational speaker Daniel Shannon, whose charisma and leadership skills were a perfect way to end the camp, with his message of defining what success means to you and to be brave and bold resonated with the students. A huge line of students stayed to speak with Daniel and tell him how inspired they were by his story.

It got loud as students let off their pent-up steam during the Minute to Win It competition, with Company I ultimately winning. Students had one more night of rec time to hang out, play basketball, or go to a dance. Day 5 success!

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