SJU 2016: Crunch Time

Wednesday has arrived and it’s time to get down to business. In twenty four hours our students will be presenting their products to venture capitalist hoping for a loan of their liking. The big day started off with a shareholder address from former MBV student Wes Otto. Wes now runs a business called Otto Media Group, a company that uses social media to get other companies names out. He talked a lot about his rise to being where he is today and how he dealt with problems that fell in his path.


Wes Otto, Otto Media Group

After Wes was done the students got the chance to practice speed networking with each other then went to hear a breakout speaker of their choice. They had the option to hear about topics like buying an apartment, paying for college, maintaining a credit score and paying car insurance.

After lunch the students jumped back into a company meeting to start finalizing their presentations for tomorrow. In the afternoon, students had breakout sessions on philanthropy and ethics. Jackie Berry from 3M and Nicole Hansen from Thomson Reuters spoke about philanthropy and got the students to break into groups and divide a budget into organizations. Diane Newes of Piper Jaffray also spoke about philanthropy and the different ways a company can give back to its community and organizations. For ethics John Rubischko spoke about the consequences he faced for illegally buying mortgages on houses under his mother’s name. He really engaged the students by walking around asking and answering questions.



John Rubischko


The students then headed for a quick bite to eat before plugging away on their presentations for one last time in their evening company meetings. After the long day students had some rec time before heading to bed to be ready for the big day ahead of them!

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