SJU 2016: Presentation Day

Students started the day with a Shareholder’s Address from Michael Keller, CEO of Pearson’s Candy Company. Michael spoke about the anatomy of company brand and all the things that go into defining a brand and making it successful. He also spoke about the importance of defining your goals and branding yourself. Michael shared his life’s journey and how he made his way from growing up in New York to living in Minnesota today.



Michael Keller, Pearson’s Candy Company


Students then heard from a variety of speakers on budgeting and money management to live a comfortable lifestyle within your means. After lunch the students met for one last time before facing the venture capitalist with their business plans!

All the students proudly spoke about their products and in the end they all came out with their loans! After a long week of brainstorming, planning and hard long work, the companies got rewarded with detailed feedback from business leaders and headed out to a fun-filled night ahead of them.

After dinner the students went to the auditorium for Minute To Win It, a game where you are to complete a task before time runs out. One student from each company was picked from a hat to come up on stage and compete. Each winner went back to sit down before being called back up for the final round.

To top off the night the students went to Sexton Hall to dance and have fun!

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