SJU 2016: Training Day!

MVB 2Minnesota Business Venture 2016 Session 2 has officially started at St. John’s University. The CEOs and RBLs arrived at camp this morning filled with enthusiasm and excitement for the week ahead of them! As they look forward to what the week will bring, they were eager to start the training process.

First step of training was some ice breakers and games. As the CEOs and RBLs started learning each other’s names they all became more comfortable and ready to take on the week ahead of them.

Second step of training day was to come up with a business plan, just like the ones that the students will be completing during the week. However, they are only given an hour to complete what they students have an entire week to do.

Lastly, after the trip to target for any last minute supplies, the CEOs and RBLs presented their business plans to the Dorm Monitors. The Dorm Monitors got to decide what product they liked the best and that group was the winner!

As the day of training came to an end, everyone started to get super excited for the start of camp! They can’t wait for the arrival of all the students!

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