SJU 2017: Day Three — Tuesday Halfway

We’re halfway into camp and are proud to see our campers engaged in activities and networking with others! While meeting other campers and business professions, campers were later challenged to prepare their professional expertise in a resume.

We started the day with a keynote speaker: Nate Dungan. Dungan is the founder and president of a non-profit organization: “Share Save Spend.” Not only was he a fantastic speaker, but he was quite the energizer to keep our audience active! Dungan has written three books and published countless text resources in education. He even handed out five copies of his book to his audience if they asked him an intriguing question. We thank Dungan for presenting today and ensuring we are now more aware of saving our money.

When Nate Dungan’s presentation was over, campers were transitioned to their Break-Out sessions. These sessions are an important aspect for them because each company has to prepare a business presentation for Thursday. The sessions consisted of Marketing, Finance, and Operations. Afterwards, companies went back to their room and the campers felt more comfortable working in their designated groups.

The next schedule was the most challenging activity of the day. It was time for students to prepare themselves for their mock interviews, being hosted at The Great Hall. Campers dressed casual or formal for this event and were interviewed by business professionals. The campers didn’t have too many anxieties, but felt confident and were well-prepared to take on this challenge. As each camper came out the door with a smile on their face, they were overjoyed of having this experience and taking the next step of being prepared for the business world.

After an outstanding performance from our campers accomplishing their mock interviews, they were then transitioned to one last shareholder’s address of the day. Cathy Misko from Walmart began talking about her experiences with the corporation. She started her career in 2009 as a Market Manager and is excited to conquer any challenges on her way. This is Misko’s first time presenting at the Minnesota Business Venture and we appreciate her sharing her business advice with us.

With the great achievements today from the campers’ mock interviews and Break-Out sessions and developing their products, campers were treated with rec time that consisted of volleyball, swimming, a movie, and the gym. We can’t wait for our campers to keep growing and succeeding for the rest of the week.

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