The Stock Market Game Has a Lasting Impact

The Stock Market Game (SMG) has had a lasting impact on thousands of students. Many teachers tell BestPrep that SMG plants a seed in the mind of the students, and Matt Rinkey, past SMG participant and current Financial Life Planner, is a perfect example of this. Matt grew up in Golden Valley and participated in SMG as a seventh grader at Hopkins North Middle School. Matt reflects, “The Stock Market Game triggered my interest in and love for investing. I saw the power of making a smart investment.”

Matt Rinkey, Illumination Wealth Management

During his time as a participant, Matt and his team made an investment that propelled them from 801st place up to the top three, and eventually first place. “We invested in Grand Casino, and saw what that was able to do for us in terms of the return on investment.” Matt and his team celebrated their big win at an awards ceremony, where they met famed investor Peter Lynch, Manager of the Magellan Fund at Fidelity Investments.

After graduating from Hopkins High School, Matt attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison, worked on Wall Street, and eventually made his way to San Diego, where he founded Illumination Wealth Management. Matt still uses the skills he learned from SMG in his current role, where he empowers people to live their best financial lives. Matt traces his career path back to his experience with SMG and suggests other students involved in the program “should find the parts of investing they enjoy. Learn about the companies they know and research what makes them successful. Whether students like the program or not, I encourage them to learn about the power of investing, have patience, know the resources available, and let the stock market work for them.”

Registration for The Stock Market Game is now open for the 2017-18 school year; fall and year-long sessions begin September 11th. The cost to participate is $14 charge per team. If you have questions, please contact to Program Manager Greg Orvik.