Story 1 – Our first supporter

To kick off our 40 stories, we want to start at the beginning with one of our founding companies: 3M. 3m-logo

As a first year economics teacher at Breck School, Bob Kaitz traveled to 3M’s corporate headquarters in 1973 to meet with Fred Metcalfe, Vice President of Consumer Affairs.

It turned out, Metcalfe had a vision that closely aligned with Kaitz’s teaching style. They both believed that classroom subjects needed to be experiential to make a lasting impact, and realized that tapping into the resources of the business community would be the best path to success.

When Kaitz began bringing his students to visit 3M, he immediately saw an energy and excitement that could not be duplicated in the classroom.

Today, 3M volunteers participate in BestPrep’s programs over 400 times each year and the BestPrep/3M collaboration has been nationally recognized for the Johnson High School mentoring program.

In the video below, Kim Price, Vice President of 3Mgives, shares the importance of our 40 year partnership, what 3M employees gain from the BestPrep volunteer experiences, and the three words she would use to describe BestPrep (hint: they all start with M)!


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