Story 9 – An Idea Ahead of It’s Time

Who would have thought in the early 80’s high school students would enthusiastically chase after the idea of going to a “business” summer camp?

As a recent college graduate I was new to the business world. I was recruited to volunteer as a Resident Business Leader in the very early years of Minnesota Business Venture (MBV). It turned out to be such a great experience for me personally, so I convinced my company to let me come back multiple times. These were the early years, the formative years, when what worked and what didn’t was still being determined. This is part of what made the experience so great for all attending MBV in those years, for the students, for the Resident Business Leaders, for the speakers, and hopefully for BestPrep staff as well!

There were the formal times…
There were the less formal times…

Gary Perkins 2

The creative times…

Gary Perkins 3

The serious Resident Business Leader times..

Gary Perkins 5

The Resident Business Leader relaxing times…

Gary Perkins 6

And plenty of fun times had by all…

Gary Perkins 7

I’m thankful to those who dreamt up the idea to bring education and business together to create a foundation for students to see the opportunities that are possible in the world of business. MBV is a great program that has proven it’s impact for 35 years!

Gary Perkins, Resident Business Leader 1982, 1983, 1985


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