Students and Staff Wrap Up the Week at MBV

Students had a great night last night with all their friends! Minute to Win It was super fun and full of laughs. Students showed off their dance moves at the dance in Sexton Hall and had an awesome time with their new friends. This week has been a successful week for everyone here at MBV. Students learned valuable life lessons and met tons of new people. Unfortunately the week has to come to an end and today is the day.

Today the students had a short company meeting where many students exchanged information to keep in contact after camp, took their last photos together, and said their goodbyes. Parents came to pick up their students this morning and attended a farewell session in the auditorium. Students received certificates of participation, and one student from each company was awarded a Breakthrough Award. The Breakthrough Award is given to students who have changed positively over the week. CEOs and RBLs get together and discuss who they think has earned this award during the week. During the farewell session, a video wrapping up the whole week is shown to the audience. The video covers everything done during the week through a photo montage! The parents get to see what their student did during the week while the students laugh at the fond memories of their time at MBV.

Hopefully students will leave after this week of camp a different person. Students have learned many new skills and met many students who will be their friends for a long time. This week has been so much fun, and everyone at MBV and BestPrep hope that students leave with a great and positive experience. Thank you to everyone who attended and made this week possible!