Students Get To “Ask An Expert”

This fall, students participating in The Stock Market Game™ (SMG) have more resources than ever at their fingertips. Throughout the 2015/16 school year, Wells Fargo Advisors, lead sponsor of SMG, is partnering with schools across the state for the Ask An Expert initiative. Through Ask An Expert, students have the opportunity to have their questions to be answered by experts that work in the finance industry.

Students at Minnetonka West Middle School are playing SMG for the first time this fall. The program builds students’ skills in investing, portfolio management, and financial literacy. Throughout the semester, students collected questions that were difficult to answer in class. Questions focused on a range of topics, from portfolio management tips to career paths in the industry to advice on saving and budgeting for the future. Questions were sent to volunteers at Wells Fargo Advisors, who shared detailed answers and displayed their breadth of knowledge and passion to help others.

Students at Minnetonka West were not the only ones to benefit from Ask An Expert. Questions were chosen and submitted to Wells Fargo Advisors from schools across the state and more than one hundred teachers participating in SMG received the completed question and answer document to distribute to students. Ask An Expert allows students to apply more information and thought into the decisions they make when managing their SMG portfolios.

Thank you to Wells Fargo Advisors for going above and beyond to support the students of Minnesota!