BestPrep Program Helps Students Gain Financial Literacy Skills

Over the last year, more than 16,000 Minnesota students heard from a BestPrep volunteer about a personal financial literacy topic. These topics, ranging from budget to credit and from car insurance to income taxes help students manage their money now and in the future.

In a recent study by PWC1, only 24% of millennials demonstrated basic financial knowledge. And most aren’t happy with their current financial situation. When ranking satisfaction on a scale of 1-10, 34% were very unsatisfied. To counteract these trends, BestPrep aims to educate and help students become financially literate at a young age. And it’s working—96% of the teachers who had a Financial Matters speaker in their classroom last year stated that their students’ financial literacy skills were improved.

Julianne Korhonen of North Star Resource Group reinforced this recently and was quoted after a presentation. She stated “If we create a generation of youth who are prepared and equipped to make sound financial decisions, imagine the effect on the fabric of our society. Big change will come!”

The BestPrep Financial Matters presentations come with slide presentations and activities that engage the students in the topic. Presenters share both personal examples and those of clients; this brings relevancy to the presentation and keeps students interested.


Teachers can request free speakers online or by contacting Julie Anderson at 763-233-6332 or