Students Thrive in eMentors Program

The eMentors program is designed to be low-time and high-impact. The evidence is there; it does both!

Proof positive is teacher Shannon Bailey’s Hopkins High School’s AVID class. Her AVID class was typical with 32 tenth graders. UnitedHealth Group, longtime partner of the eMentors program, supported the students by serving as their email mentors. Like most eMentors connections, the students wrote seven email messages to their mentors and participated in a Meet & Greet with UnitedHealth Group in the middle of the session.

Ms. Bailey, first time teacher in the eMentors program, found herself pleasantly surprised at how well the students responded to seeing and meeting their mentors. The conversation students and mentors had over lunch at the Meet & Greet was encouraging. Following the event she said, “This was one of those days when I left school beaming. What a fabulous experience this was for my students.” She went on to say, “I had no idea what to expect; my students sat with their mentors holding conversations with virtual strangers. I was so impressed by them and so thankful for the mentors for making it comfortable.”

At the conclusion of the program, Ms. Bailey commented on another success. “One of my boys was incredibly quiet all year. He rarely speaks in class and seems disengaged. So I was surprised when his emails were some of the lengthiest of the class; he was enthusiastic about his communication with his mentor.”

BestPrep plans to expand the eMentors program next school year. If you would like to engage your class or have a group of employees to serve as mentors, contact Bonnie Vagasky at 763-233-6330 or We hope to create even more positive mentorships next school year.