Today is the Day!

It’s Time!

Time, sweat, and energy have been spent on the business plans, and today is the day for presentations! As the day started, I was immediately greeted by dashing young individuals, dressed up and ready to go. Tension and excitement filled the room as the students used every last moment to perfect their presentations.

There were events preceding the business plan presentations that were essential in helping all of the students. A workshop, “Paying for Your Lifestyle”, was presented to all the companies discussing the benefits of budgeting, and how to live a financially sustainable life; it was the last workshop the students had before their final presentations.

The students’ adrenaline and emotions before the presentations were running high. The majority of the companies were doing their best to pump themselves up for the large presentation, whether it was huddling together and reviewing their presentation for the last time, or individual mental preparation. It was time.

This year, each company’s creativity shot through the roof. There were products addressing niche markets, for example: an exhaust pipe that would convert the CO2 emissions into H2O; a “smart pen” with a projector, built-in Siri, and the ability to transcribe writing into a Google Document; and sports shoes with retractable cleats. In the presentations you could see people taking skills learned from the week’s speakers. From Al Galgano’s talk about how to communicate, to all the philanthropy speeches about keeping charity as an integral piece of the business financials, the information gained played a big role in each business plan.

All the work the students did earlier this week literally pays off when the companies receive their loans from the panel of “investors”. As they come out of their presentations, the ecstasy and jubilance culminates as the students all reach the peak of their company solidarity.

With the presentations finished, relaxation amongst students, CEOs, RBLs, and all finally sets in. We have Minute-to-Win-It and the dance to look forward to tonight as this week of MBV finally winds down.