New and Updated Classroom Presentations Available

BestPrep’s Financial Matters program is excited to announce the completion of our new Income Tax Matters presentation. With the gracious help of volunteers from the Minnesota Society of CPAs, the newly created presentation educates students on how income taxes affect them. Certified tax professionals will also assist the students in completing a W-4 form, as well as a 1040EZ form. By the end of the presentation students will feel confident about what they need to know about income tax, and how to secure the largest tax return possible!

The Income Tax Matters presentation joins Housing Matters as our two newest PowerPoints in the Financial Matters series. Housing Matters is perfect for students thinking about renting an apartment, signing a college dorm lease, or who may already be living on their own. It focuses on the decisions needed to be made regarding renting vs. owning, costs, and expectations of living on your own.

In addition, our dedicated Classroom Plus volunteers have reviewed and updated BestPrep’s Teamwork, Leadership, and Interviewing PowerPoints. Students learn how to better utilize these skills in their daily life, as well as how these skills can help them today and in the future.

Cari Kremmin from Washington Technology Magnet School explained how the Interviewing presentation affected one of her students:

“One student had an upcoming scholarship interview that was to be done in a group with other scholarship candidates.  This presentation helped make her feel more confident and ready for the interview.”

Now is the perfect time to request speakers for after the holidays and through spring. To request a speaker for Income Tax Matters, or another presentation from our Financial Matters series, please fill out a Financial Matter Speaker Request Form. If you want a speaker to come talk to your class about one of our updated Classroom Plus topics, or to speak about their career, please complete the Classroom Plus Speaker Request Form.