Volunteer Spotlight: An Interview with a Financial Matters Volunteer

In honor of Financial Literacy Month and Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April, we interviewed local Allstate agency owner Greg Sniezek and volunteer for our eMentors and Financial Matters programs. Greg shared insight on his experience volunteering and why it is important to educate students on insurance and personal finance topics.

Q. You volunteer regularly with BestPrep. What made you first become involved with the organization?
A. I’m passionate about supporting our local community, and giving back is in Allstate’s DNA, too. Allstate believes Good Starts Young® and we aim to inspire the next generation of leaders by helping them build skills crucial to learning and leading. BestPrep’s programs help foster critical social and emotional learning competencies that help set youth up for success. When I first learned about BestPrep, I was drawn to the opportunity to support youth as they prepare for college, their career, and adult life.

Q: Tell us about your experience presenting to students through the Financial Matters program.
A: When volunteering with Financial Matters, I leverage my existing knowledge of the financial services industry to educate students about car insurance. But it’s much broader than that – I also help students understand how insurance can help protect what’s most important to them. At my office, we see it every day – a younger adult calls for a quote, and we learn that their current rates are astronomical because their credit wasn’t managed when they were younger. By presenting to students through BestPrep’s Financial Matters program, I can help reinforce what they’re taught in school to give them real-life examples. It feels good to bring important insurance information to young people and answer their questions, so they are equipped with financial skills that will be helpful in the future.  

Q: Are you involved in other programs with BestPrep?
A: I volunteer as a mentor in BestPrep’s eMentors program. I enjoy working individually with students, sharing details about my work as an Allstate agency owner and providing advice as they prepare for college and their careers. I also learn from them. It is cool to see how a student’s way of thinking has changed over the years. I try to relate as much as I can to their world, so they benefit from the information I share.

Q: What value do you get from volunteering with BestPrep?
A: I feel like I am making a difference. Insurance may not seem important to students in the near term, but I am able to educate them and provide guidance on a topic that they will need to know about in the future. I’m proud to have a hand in educating the students to make sure they feel prepared and knowledgeable. I couldn’t do any of this without the help of BestPrep giving me the opportunity to support our future leaders and change-makers.

Teachers, request speakers like Greg to give virtual presentations to your students. Volunteers, volunteer your time and educate students on personal financial topics today.

Contact Program Manager Sarah Hammel for more details.