Cloud Coach: Seeing an Lasting Impact on Students

cloud coach mentor and student

Cloud Coach, BestPrep’s online mentoring program for ninth graders in Minneapolis and St. Paul public high schools, is having lasting effects on students as they move through their high school careers! Cloud Coach is designed to motivate students to think forward about their futures and act now to achieve their goals. Volunteer business mentors message students for one eight-week session during their freshman year. BestPrep surveys participants a year later to discover the lasting impacts the program had on them as freshmen. Now as sophomores, these students’ insights allow us to see the positive effect Cloud Coach is having on their lives.

Students from Edison, Minneapolis North, Como Park, Washburn, and Washington Technology High Schools who participated as freshmen last year are being currently surveyed as sophomores. Thanks to Accenture, Allianz Life, Cargill, Ecolab, General Mills, Securian Financial, Thomson Reuters, Travelers, and Wells Fargo for partnering with BestPrep to provide mentorships to more than 1,100 students this year!

When asked if their goals or plans have changed or if they changed any habits because they participated in Cloud Coach, nearly 50% of students from last year’s survey said yes. That’s a huge impact! See below for student responses:

  • “I’ve made more of an effort to find opportunities to get college credit and experience since they can give you a leg up for success.”
  • “My mentor and I talked about art a lot. I decided that I wanted to eventually become an Art Director. Since we last talked, I applied and got a job at the Walker Arts Center Teen Arts Council. I’ve gotten to meet many people with stable careers at the museum, from the Walker’s photographers to curators, creative directors, and many artists.”

Cloud Coach continues to grow every year. This year, BestPrep partnered with Highland Park Senior High school in addition to the schools mentioned above and looks forward to adding Central High School to next year’s lineup.

If your company wants to get involved with Cloud Coach or eMentors, contact us.