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 Washington Technology Magnet & Securian Financial

Mr. Kangas, Mr. Stensgaard, and Ms. Bertrand

Think forward. Act now.

Thank you for being a part of the Cloud Coach program!  Learn more about the Cloud Coach program by watching the video to the right.

During the Cloud Coach program you will be able to:

  • think about your future and possible career paths after high school
  • set achievable short-term goals
  • discuss strategies for overcoming obstacles


In the Cloud Coach program, you will be paired with a mentor.  You and your mentor will send a message weekly and discuss you interests and hobbies, current goals, and future aspirations.  Learn more about the role of your mentor by watching the video to the right!

Click on your teacher’s name below to view the program timeline.

Now that you know more about the Cloud Coach program, let’s get started!  Click on the “Program Kickoff” tab below!

What is Cloud Coach?

What is a Mentor?

1. Look in your school email for a message from Cloud Coach called “Cloud Coach Student Pre-Survey”.  Complete this pre-survey.

2. Understand your role in the Cloud Coach program.  Read through the Student Guide and watch the Student Guide Video.

3. When you are done watching the What is Cloud Coach Video and Student Guide Video, take this quiz.

4. Watch the Program Kickoff Video to the right!

Program Kickoff Video

Your mentor works at Securian Financial.  “Since 1880, Securian has been committed to providing insurance, investment and retirement solutions that give families the confidence to focus on what’s truly valuable: banking memories with those who matter most.”

Watch the Company Presentation to the right.  You will hear from Adam Taylor, an Engineering Director at Securian Financial.  He will tell you more about what Securian Financial does and why they are excited about being a part of the Cloud Coach program!

Additional Resources

Company Presentation

The first four weeks of the program focus on thinking forward.  You and your mentor will get to know each other and begin thinking about what you would like to do after high school.


Now that you’ve completed all of your program kickoff activities and learned more about the company, it’s time to start writing messages!

You will wait to receive your mentor’s first message.  When your mentor sends their message, it will be sent to your school email account.  When opening the email, you will be able to read your mentor’s message and click a link to go to the online portal.  The online portal is a safe and secure way for BestPrep to monitor the messages.  You will write your reply message into the box titled “Message” and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page!

Click the many links below for extra support as you write your message each week to your mentor!

Think Forward

Halfway through the program, your mentor will send you a recorded video in addition to their weekly message. You will then record a response video to your mentor.  You will receive additional information about these videos before you record your response.

We hope you enjoy creating a Flipgrid video!

The last three weeks of the Cloud Coach program focuses on acting now!  You and your mentor will discuss what actions you can take now in order to take active steps towards reaching your future dreams!

Click the many links below for extra support as you write your message each week to your mentor!

Week 5: Example Message & Writing Tutorial

Week 6: Example Message & Writing Tutorial

Week 7: Read your mentor’s message and complete the post-survey. Both can be found in your school email account.

Act Now

Check out the many additional resources below!