eMentors: A Teacher’s View

eMentors would be impossible without the tireless support and advocacy from our teachers. Teachers help shape the program, choosing questions that relate to their classroom curriculum, guiding their students through weekly topics and writing emails, and monitoring dozens or hundreds of emails every week. They facilitate the Meet and Greet by ensuring their students are prepared for all the activities, whether that is having resumes on hand in ship shape, or being prepared with questions for a career panel.

Our teachers see the value of eMentors and are invested in fostering the continued success of the program. We were able to speak with Theresa Anderson from Mounds View High School to get her perspective.

What value do you see in eMentors for your students?

eMentors provides students with real-world opportunities to interact with professionals in the field. It makes learning more engaging, more authentic, project-based, and real. Students build real relationships with people outside of their daily sphere of influence and it reinforces the lessons taught in the classroom.

How does eMentors help enrich the classroom experience?

eMentors provides students with the opportunity to explore the question of “How will I use what I am learning in my life outside of school?” Perhaps this is the most beneficial way for students to see the application of the content being taught.

What lasting impact would you say eMentors has had on your students?

Many students comment on the benefits of the eMentors program. I frequently hear a range of comments from “I learned how to write an email.” to “I got some great advice for college from my eMentor.

Why do you continue to participate in the eMentors program?

eMentors is authentic, easy to implement, and impactful. If it helps students engage in the active process of learning, then it is a value-added component of my curriculum.

What do your students say about the program and what do your students find to be the most fun part of eMentors?

Students say the program is a great way to begin the networking process and bring in the wisdom of professionals. They typically don’t like to leave school for the field trip, however their return trip is usually filled with great conversation. It is a great way to introduce students to the world of business while keeping them in the classroom!

What do you gain from eMentors?

It is an easy addition to my curriculum. It provides me with a chance to teach some basic email etiquette and proper business protocols that many students will never learn. This is the greatest benefit to me. It’s what’s best for students.

Thank you Theresa!

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