Improved Teacher Resources for SMG

BestPrep staff attended The Stock Market Game Symposium in New York City at the SIFMA Foundation Headquarters in early June.

Best practices, new resources, and technology were on the agenda, as well as a trip to NASDAQ where we witnessed the closing bell.

As a partner with SIFMA in offering The Stock Market Game (SMG) to teachers and students in Minnesota, BestPrep couldn’t be more excited for the improvements that will be introduced in the next school year.

Here is a sampling of some new features:

  • “Amazon style” searching and filtering for the loads of free curriculum offered for many class subjects and grades.
  • Improved ticker symbol searching and charts providing more information to students to make an educated decision about their investments.
  • Website portal for students and teachers is streamlined and great for use on 1:1 devices.
  • Teacher registration has been streamlined and if you have registered before, it will auto-populate your data and you just need to update.

These new changes are anticipated to begin in July. If you are interested in learning more about The SMG, BestPrep is offering teachers a 3-week complimentary trail. The first trial will begin in July and additional dates will be added in September. School year team registration will open in early August.

For updates on the new features and trial session dates, please visit our website.