BestPrep News Brief: Providing Virtual Programming

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To keep all of our stakeholders and educators updated in the current environment, we are introducing BestPrep News Briefs.

With people working from home and schools closed, BestPrep remains available for our students, volunteers, and teachers! We will be providing virtual options and additional resources to connect volunteers and students together. BestPrep staff are available via phone and email.

See below to learn how educators can continue to utilize BestPrep’s programs and volunteers can go on helping prepare Minnesota students with business, career, and financial literacy skills.

Classroom Plus

  • Teachers can request virtual presentations from volunteers in the business world to discuss topics including career options, building a resume, interviewing, and business etiquette. Options include live streaming and recorded videos.
  • We are also offering digital mock interviews.
  • Contact Sarah Hammel to learn more.

Financial Matters

  • Teachers can request virtual presentations from volunteers to review subjects such as money & values, credit, budgeting, insurance, and buying a car. Options include live streaming and recorded videos.
  • Contact Sarah Hammel to learn more.

Cloud Coach

  • Students, schools, and companies currently in the middle of Cloud Coach connections should continue emailing as planned; in-person events are currently suspended.
  • Contact Samantha Funk to learn more.


  • Classes and companies currently participating in eMentors should continue emailing as planned; in-person Meet & Greets will return at a later time.
  • Teachers can integrate eMentors into their upcoming virtual curriculum. eMentors is a great program to utilize while students are learning from home. There will be no Meet & Greets this spring, nonetheless eMentors will continued as planned, with seven weeks of messages between mentors and students.
  • Contact Julie Anderson to learn more.

The Stock Market Game (SMG)

  • Teachers can register their students for the SMG. Registration is now open, and the session runs through May 29. The SMG is an excellent tool for distance learning, as many curriculum resources are available electronically.
  • Teams currently participating in the SMG are encouraged to continue. The program is accessible virtually for both students and teachers and BestPrep staff are available to assist at any time.
  • Contact Stephanie Musgrove to learn more.

e-Minnesota Business Venture (MBV)

  • Students can register to attend one of two virtual MBV summer camp sessions in July. Applications are open for all high school students interested in this fun, skill-building summer opportunity. 
  • Volunteer can sign up to for virtual day or week-long opportunities. Options include mock interviewers, FAB life game attendants, business plan presentation judges, and Resident Business Leaders. As a volunteer at MBV, you will work with Minnesota students to have a valuable summer experience that will help them become better prepared for their future.
  • Contact Janae Olinger to learn more.

Technology Integration Workshop (TIW)

  • Educators can register to attend virtual TIW this coming July. Registration is open for all K-12 educators interested in learning best practices for integrating technology into their curriculum and technology tools and resources that enhance student learning.
  • Volunteers can sign up as a Business Partner and job shadow host or lead a presentation. Help educators gain insight into the technology, careers, and workplace skills employers are looking for when hiring. Registration to volunteer is open.
  • Contact Stephanie Musgrove to learn more.

Annual Luncheon Event

  • We have rescheduled the Annual Luncheon to October 5, 2020 at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis. Join us as we celebrate our most outstanding volunteers, students, and teachers.

Update from Comcast

  • BestPrep is partnering with Comcast to inform our stakeholders of the following message, “In response to COVID-19, Comcast is offering Internet Essentials allowing families to access the internet at low cost.” Click to learn more.